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Research Readings and Statistical Exercises Using SPSS and Excel (2012)

Author(s): Cindy J. Gibson, Rebecca Klatzkin, and Lauren M. Littlefield

Affiliation: Washington College

Description: Each of five research readings is accompanied by a data set so that students can simulate the psychological research process. Research readings include a brief literature review, description of an experimental method that applies to the topic at hand, critical reasoning and statistics questions, and responses to the questions posed. A specific data set and a code book with summary statistics are paired with each reading; duplicate data files (one in SPSS and one in Excel) are provided so that instructors have access to data in their preferred data analysis format.


Please read the overview of the following resources.  Note: All SPSS Data Files are all packaged into a single "zip" file that requires uncompression using standard zip format software (current operating systems typically have this ability built-in).

Research Readings Area(s) of Study Main Statistical Comparison

I. Modeling Depression by Rebecca Klatzkin


Paired t test

II. Beer Goggles by Cindy Gibson

Social Psychology;
Drugs and Behavior

Independent t test

III. Just a Concussion by Cindy Gibson



IV. Multitasking by Lauren Littlefield



V. Binge Eating by Rebecca Klatzkin

Health Psychology


Author contact information:
Cindy Gibson
300 Washington Ave.
Chestertown, MD 21620

Copyright 2012 by Cindy J. Gibson, Rebecca Klatzkin, and Lauren M. Littlefield. All rights reserved. You may reproduce multiple copies of this material for your own personal use, including use in your classes and/or sharing with individual colleagues as long as the author’s name and institution and the Office of Teaching Resources in Psychology heading or other identifying information appear on the copied document. No other permission is implied or granted to print, copy, reproduce, or distribute additional copies of this material. Anyone who wishes to produce copies for purposes other than those specified above must obtain the permission of the authors.

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