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Research shows that mid-career faculty represent the largest group of academics. Unfortunately, there are relatively few resources aimed at successfully navigating this period of one’s career. To fill this important void, STP created the initial Mid-Career Mentoring Working Group in January of 2020 with the charge of assessing the needs of mid-career psychology faculty. In 2021, a second iteration of the Mid-Career Mentoring Working Group was tasked with building from these identified needs to spearhead activities and initiatives to support mid-career psychologists through education, training, and networking.  In 2023, the STP Executive Committee voted to make this group a permanent committee and renamed it the Mid-Career Psychology Committee.

The goal of the Mid-Career Mentoring Psychology Committee is to help serve the needs of faculty as they navigate the murky waters of their mid-career. This includes providing community and support for psychologists as they try to maintain their passion and vitality as educators, expand and advance their research programs, and take on more service/administrative responsibilities.

Membership in STP’s Mid-Career Mentoring Psychology Committee is open to any STP member who self-identifies as “mid-career.” This may include individuals who completed their last degree more than ten years ago or those who have earned the rank of tenure. However, membership is not restricted to those narrow guidelines. If you feel that you are “mid-career” the resources described below are likely to be relevant and useful.

Communicate with the Mid-Career Psychology Committee


Webinar Series

The STP Mid-Career Psychology Committee hosts a workshop series aimed at fostering our mid-career community through peer-to-peer support and communication. This initiative is meant to help share information about the cool roles we, as mid-career faculty, have taken on. Speakers will discuss their own experiences with these roles/transitions, covering best practices and tips for those who may be considering such roles in the future. Each webinar is recorded and shared as a digital archive for those who would like to watch it again and/or for those who were not available at the time of the talk.

Links to Presentations by the Mid-Career Mentoring Group

Suggested External Resources (Please Note: this list is not exhaustive)




Sadie Leder Elder
High Point University (Chair)
Deanne Buffalari
Westminster College
John Edlund
Rochester Institute of Technology
Meagan Patterson
University of Kansas
Darcey Powell
Roanoke College

Crystal Quillen
Middlesex College

Emeritus Members of the Mid-Career Mentoring Working Group

Margaret Brady-Amoon, Seton Hall University

Nina L. Dulabaum, University of Colorado – Colorado Springs

Angela Kelling, University of Houston – Clear Lake

David Kreiner, University of Central Missouri

Marianne E Lloyd, Seton Hall University

Allison L. Matthews, Washington State University

Sally Zengaro, Jacksonville State University

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