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This book is the second edition of Introductory Psychology Teaching Primer:  A Guide for New Teachers of Psyc 101.  It exceeds its predecessor by the inclusion of updated student learning outcomes put forth in the APA Guidelines for the Undergraduate Psychology Major Version 2.0, as well as new resources designed to help students reach these objectives.  This primer is designed to be a pragmatic aid that will give instructors what they need to get started right away.  Authors divide each chapter into sections including: Coverage Suggestions, Learning Objectives, Activities and Techniques, Possible Assessments, Relevant Articles from the Teaching of Psychology journal, Links to TOPIX materials, and Chapter Connections.  Given the importance of the introductory psychology class in American education (approximately 1.7 million students take this class every year) it is prudent for the premier organization for the teaching of psychology, the Society of the Teaching of Psychology (STP), to provide guidelines for this course and prepare an explicit statement to aid teachers of this course. STP’s Executive Committee charged the Early Career Psychologists Committee to create a primer to aid those teaching introductory psychology.  This document is the revised and updated version of the result of their labors.    

ISBN: 978-1-941804-39-1  


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