You do not have to be an APA member to join STP.

We are now processing new memberships and renewals for 2021.

If you would like to join STP:  Your membership will officially begin January 1, 2021, but you will receive the following complimentary benefits as soon as we complete processing your application (Read Please note here):

  • Online access to the STP website
  • Access to on-demand sessions from STP's 2020 Virtual Annual Conference on Teaching
  • Online access to Teaching of Psychology (ToP) 
You will begin receiving print issues of ToP starting with the January 2021 issue, and you will receive the benefits above through 2021.

We adhere to APA’s Privacy Policies with respect to Member Information. 

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Why join or renew?

  • You will be a member of a great community of teachers!
  • You will receive print issues of STP's journal: Teaching of Psychology (ToP).
  • You will have online access to current and back issues of ToP from the SAGE Publishing website.
  • You will have access to members-only web pages.
  • You will be eligible for STP's awards/grants 
  • You will be eligible for discounted registration for STP's Annual Conference on Teaching.
  • View more member benefits here.

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How much does membership cost, and for how long?

  • MEMBERSHIPS ARE FOR A CALENDAR YEAR (January 1 through December 31). 
    • Dues paid before APA's annual convention in August are retroactive to January 1; you will receive back issues of ToP for that year.
    • Dues paid after the start of the APA convention and before December 31 will apply to membership in the following year.  Those who join from August to December will receive complimentary access to members-only materials on STP's website and to online issues of the journal.
    • Psychology teachers (and support staff): $25
    • Graduate students or undergraduate students: $15 
    • Postdocs: $15 (Postdocs must use this form to join or renew at the student rate)
    • Retirees: $15 (Retirees must use this form to join or renew at the retiree rate)
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I'm already an APA affiliate.  Does that mean I'm also an STP member?

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How do I join STP (APA Division 2)?  (If you are an APS Member, see below)

Anyone who belongs to APA and those with no APA membership can join STP (APA Division 2) via APA's division membership application site.  (Read please note below for important information):

    • Visit and select Division 2. Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

    • You may be directed to Log In or Create an Account on APA's website.  (Please note:  You will NOT be joining APA, but creating a login account will provide you access to APA's online resources for teachers of psychology.)

    • You will be asked, How would you like to join?  Select the appropriate option:
      Student affiliate:  If you are a graduate student or undergraduate student
      Professional affiliate:  If you are a psychology teacher in the United States or Canada
      International affiliate:  If you are a psychology teacher outside of the United States or Canada

    • Click the box for Division 2 - Society for the Teaching of Psychology.

    • Click Add to Cart.  You may then select other divisions to join.

    • When ready to pay, click CONTINUE TO PAYMENT.
    • Please note:  APA sends updated information to STP in batches.  During the pandemic, we have experienced delays in receiving updated membership information from APA.  If you would like quicker access to member-only materials on STP's website, please forward confirmation of your dues payment to (The confirmation email will refer to Division 2 and include your member number.)

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    How do I renew in STP? (If you are an APS Member, see below)  

    • Before renewing, please check your current membership status by visiting

    • All STP members will receive an email notice from APA to renew their division(s) with a personalized link to renew online.  You may also renew by visiting MyAPA and entering the email associated with your membership.

    • Please renew before the start of each calendar year (e.g., renew for 2021 before December 31, 2020) to avoid delays in processing your STP renewal.

    • If you do not receive an email notice to renew, you may renew in STP (APA Division 2) by contacting the APA Service Center (1-800-374-2721 or 1-202-336-5580) or by using this form.

  • Members of the Association for Psychological Science (APS): 
    • Please be careful not to pay twice for STP membership. Before joining or renewing in STP, please check your current STP membership status by visiting

    • Please only pay for one year of STP membership.  We are unable to process multi-year STP memberships.

    • If your name, email, or mailing address changes, please contact APA's Service Center (see below).

    • APS members may join STP when joining or renewing with APS.

    • APS members may also renew in STP when paying APS dues, but please do so before the start of each calendar year (e.g., renew for 2021 before December 31, 2020) to avoid delays in processing your STP renewal.

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How do I check the status of my STP membership?

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How do I update my name, email, or mailing address?

  • APA's Service Center maintains the official records of STP's membership. If you do not contact APA to request updates to your contact information, their official records will overwrite any temporary changes that may appear on the STP website. There are two ways to update your contact information:

    1. Visit My APA (this site is for both APA and non-APA members of STP). 
    Enter the email address that APA has on file for you and the password for your account (or you can request a password if needed). You can then update your contact information online in your account.

    2. Contact APA’s Service Center at 1-800-374-2721 ext. 5500 or 202-336-5500 (MON-FRI 9am-6pm ET).
    They will help you update your contact information and reset your password. If you prefer, you may send an email to requesting updates to your contact information.  

  • If you are subscribed to any of STP's listservs, you may update your email address by visiting here

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Whom should I contact if I have a question?

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