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This program focuses on both advanced graduate students and early career faculty (both will be referred to as early career – EC).  The aim of the Professional Development Program is to provide EC individuals with career-related assistance to improve their performance early in their academic careers.


The program is built around the needs and interests of the EC individual, who will specify her or his goals and interests in the application. Mentors will be matched based upon these interests. The program is international, although most participants are in the continental United States, and it is unlikely mentors and mentees will be geographically close to one another. Therefore, communication will likely take place through phone, internet (Skype), and email.

As the program develops webinars and other resources may be available, in addition to special meetings at annual conventions held by the American Psychological Association or the Association of Psychological Science.      


Apply - Mentors or Mentees


Eligibility: Mentees have less than 5 years of psychology teaching experience; they may or may not be STP members.  Mentees may be teaching or planning to teach at the post-high school level. The program is in its pilot year; therefore, participants will be limited to 10-15 graduate students and 10-15 faculty members in the first round. 

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Eligibility: Mentors are members or Fellows of STP and have at least 7 years of psychology teaching experience.

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Mentoring Moments (mentoring in brief)

There is also the opportunity to engage with a mentor on a specific topic such as methods, issues, or classes. Click the topics below to see a master mentor you may contact. These individuals have expressed a desire to provide information to less experienced colleagues who seek it.

Questions, Suggestions?

Contact Dr. Lunsford, Director for Professional Development Programs, by email at

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