Society for the Teaching of Psychology
Division 2 of the American Psychological Association

Professional Development Program Effectiveness Questionnaire

In order to assess the effectiveness of this Professional Development Program, it is necessary to gather the opinions of those it serves.  If you have used this service to gain advice or to have questions answered, please cut and paste the following questions (and your answers to them) into an email message to Drew Appleby (Assistant Director for Professional Development Programs) at

1.     Who was the mentor you contacted or attempted to contact?

2.     Were you able to contact this person?

         Yes        No

3.     How did you communicate with this person?

         E-mail      Phone       Other

4.     How helpful was your mentor in answering your questions or providing you with advice?    

         very helpful       helpful        not helpful

 5.    Would you recommend this service to a colleague?

         Yes       No      Maybe

6.     Which of the following statements best describes your opinion about this Professional Development Program?

  • It is a very valuable service and should definitely be continued.
  • It is a somewhat valuable service and should be continued.
  • It is not a valuable service and should be discontinued.

7.      Please write comments about and/or suggestions for this service in the space below.

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