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New ToPIX Content: 4/30/14

30 Apr 2014 8:26 PM | Anonymous

This month’s ToPIX update includes additions to the Development in the News and Neuroscience in the News pages, and the Song List.

An NPR column on aging gracefully, “The Grumpy Point: When a Man Turns 70”, was posted to the Development in the News page. This piece could be used to introduce issues in older adulthood.

Michael Britt posted a link to a Scientific American article “Unraveling the Mystery of How Antidepression Drugs Work” on TIPS. This link was included on the Neuroscience in the News page. Those teaching Biopsychology could use the piece to speak to neurogenesis, or the differences between serotonin and dopamine.

Check out the Song List. Use your browser’s Search function to find four songs posted courtesy of Jessica Hill. If you are teaching Personality, Learning, or Cognition, you will want to check these out.

Thanks to Michael and Jessica for contributing to ToPIX!

If you have found that ToPIX has helped your teaching, please consider contributing! You are welcome to update the wiki yourself or just send me an email with suggestions: (

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