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New ToPIX Content: 2/28/14

28 Feb 2014 10:44 PM | Anonymous

This month’s ToPIX update includes additions to the History Video, Research Methods in the News, Neuroscience in the News, and I/O Video pages.

Michael Britt posted a link to a podcast episode on asylums in the 1800s. The episode features historian Dr. Jennifer Bazar, and covers the case of Nellie Bly, hydrotherapy, sexual surgeries, and working conditions. Check it out on the History Videos page. Thanks, Michael!

Erica Noles passed along an NPR column on the placebo effect. Recent findings reveal that asthma patients show improvements even when aware they are taking a placebo. See more on the Research Methods in the News page. Two months in a row! Thanks, Erica!

Leslee Koritzke (via PSYCHTEACHER on 2/01/2014) shared a Los Angeles Times article on H.M.. Spoiler alert: the new developments involve his hippocampus. Follow the link to the Neuroscience in the News page. Good find, Leslee!

Lastly, an amusing (depending on your sense of humor, I suppose) music video called “The Wall Street Strut” was posted to the I/O Videos page. The video could be used in lessons concerning work satisfaction, workload, burnout, and the like.

Thanks again to Michael, Erica, and Leslee for their contributions to ToPIX!

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