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STP is excited to announce the Early Career Psychologists Council (ECPs). The council is charged with spearheading activities and opportunities to aid Early Career Professionals through education, training and networking, as well as representing ECP interests in division matters. Our goal is to help serve the needs of new faculty members as they develop their courses and research programs. Specifically we want to assist ECPs with faculty development issues while focusing on the importance of pedagogy and facilitating the scholarship of teaching and learning. 

The ECP Council is looking for a new member!

Are you looking to get more involved in the Society for the Teaching of Psychology? We have an exciting opportunity for you! STP ECP is now accepting nominations (including self-nominations) for one new member of the STP Early Career Psychologist (ECP) Committee. Nominees must be members of STP, within seven (7) years post-doctorate or within seven (7) years of beginning full-time college teaching, whichever comes first, and willing to commit to a three-year term (starting January, 2015) to work with the VP for Recruitment, Retention, and Public Relations (RRR) to promote the interests of early career psychologists. For more information about the position, please also see the attached document. Nominations should include a CV, the name of two references who agree to be contacted, and a one-page statement of interest in the position. Please reply by November 1, 2014 to

STP ECP Listserv

We now have an STP listserv specifically designed to announce information relevant to ECPs! The primary purpose of the listserv will be to announce upcoming conferences, awards, travel funding, and other opportunities for ECPs, but discussion of ECP-related topics is also encouraged. If you’d like to subscribe, please e-mail visit  Please note that you can unsubscribe at any time.

Check us out on FaceBook! Stay connected, get news updates, and chat with other ECPs. 

ECP Resources 

The ECP Committee published an ebook this year (2013) called "So you landed a job – What’s next? Advice for early career psychologists from early career psychologists." This book is specifically written for Early Career Psychologist and is a great resource!

Do you have to teach the introductory psychology course for the very first time and have a finite and limited amount of time to do so? How do you begin? What do you need? Check out the ECPs "Introductory Psychology Teaching Primer: A Guide for New Teachers of Psyc 101."  The primer is designed to answer these questions! If you are a graduate student or new faculty member approaching this course for the very first time, we have something for you.

If you are a senior faculty or a department chair who works with ECPs, check out our recently published article in Teaching of Psychology, Supporting our junior faculty: Assessing the concerns and needs of early career psychologistsThe article presents the results of a nationwide survey of ECPs who reported the challenges and stressors they faced as early career folks. If you were a participant – thanks!

We want to remind readers about our listserv specifically designed to publicize information relevant to ECPs. The primary purpose of the listserv is to announce upcoming conferences, awards, travel funding, and other opportunities for ECPs, but discussion of ECP-related topics is also encouraged. If you’d like to subscribe, please click here.   

Past Awards

  • 2014: ECP Poster Award for the best SoTL project at the ACT Conference: Tabitha Kirkland Turowski and Deepti Karkhanis (Bellevue College).
  • 2013: ECP Poster Award for the best SoTL project at the APA Convention: Catherine Overson (University of New Hampshire).  
  • 2012: ECP Poster Award for the best SoTL project at the APA Convention: Jodi McKnight (Mid-Continent University). Best Practices Conference scholarships: (1) Kevin Conlon (Boise State University), "Best Practices Scholarship" and (2) Nathan Deichert (Mount Olive College), "Writing Workshop Scholarship"

Q&A with STP President

As our Early Career Psychologist (ECP) Committee has been collecting data on the needs of fellow ECPs, one need that has consistently been raised is the desire to hear the perspectives of more experienced faculty on how they handled ECP issues. Thus, the annual “Q&A with the President,” was born which is included in each Fall issue of the STP newsletter. This years president, Victor Benassi has agreed to field our questions. If you have questions please email us and we will consider them for publication in the upcoming Fall 2013 newsletter.

In 2012 we asked past president Norine Jalbert to answer questions. Although she felt that many of the questions required more complex answers than could fit in this column, she agreed to take a stab at it (and even solicited input from other executive council members as well!). We published an excerpt from the Q&A in the Fall newsletter, but we provide the full interview here: ECP Interview-Jalbert 2012.pdf.

Committee Members

  • Jennifer Stiegler-Balfour (2014): University of New England 
  • Jordan Troisi (2015) Sewanee: The University of the South
  • Bethany Fleck (2015) Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • Rajiv Jhangiani (2016) Kwantlen Polytechnic University
  • Angela Legg (2016) Pace University

Teaching Awards & Funding for ECPs

Other Awards & Funding for ECPs

*Please note that this list is not exhaustive. If you become aware of other teaching awards for ECPs, or additional funding sources for ECPs, please e-mail

Emeritus Members

Jared Keeley, Mississippi State University
Stephanie Afful, Lindenwood University
Jessica Good, Davidson College  
Sadie Lader, High Point University 

How Can You Get More Involved? 

The ECP Committee is seeking regional representatives. If you are interested in becoming more involved consider this position. For more information email

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