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10 Nov 2020 12:00 AM | Anonymous member (Administrator)

Dear ECPs,

I planned to attend this year’s ACT, but life got in the way! Can you share some resources related to the ECP events that I missed? I’m so happy some sessions were recorded—do you have any “favorite” sessions you think I should check out?

Hoping to Catch Up

Dear Hoping to Catch Up,

You’re definitely not alone! The events of this year’s Annual Conference on Teaching (ACT) took place virtually, and we know that many STP members had competing responsibilities (e.g., in their teaching, at home) that conflicted with these events. Thankfully, as you point out, many of the sessions were recorded and are now available asynchronously on STP’s website!

Below, we’ll do three things. First, we’ll direct you to resources related to the sessions that we hosted as your ECP Committee (including resources from a workshop we hosted last year). Second, we’ll point out a few sessions that are available asynchronously that we believe will be very relevant and helpful to you as an ECP. Finally, we’ll put out one last call for applications to join the ECP Committee. Let’s get started!

For starters, we’d like to share with you the materials from two of our workshops. The first, presented at this year’s ACT, is titled Crafting Your Career: Developing An Academic Plan For Success As An Early Career Psychologist. The second, presented at last year’s ACT, is titled Documenting Your Teaching For Awards, Hiring, Promotion, And Tenure. Below, you can find links to (1) the slides we used to present each workshop; (2) a variety of self-reflective handouts that you can use to set priorities, set goals, plan your career, evaluate your CV, or design a teaching portfolio; (3) extra resources, including readings on work-life balance, sample CVs and teaching portfolios from ECP Committee members, and more. We hope that these resources will be useful to you!

ECP workshop #1 (from this year’s ACT):

Crafting Your Career: Developing An Academic Plan For Success As An Early Career Psychologist

·        Workshop slides: Crafting your career.pptx

·        ECP Needs Assessment handout.docx

·        ECP Goal Setting handout.docx

·        ECP Saying Yes & No Handout.docx

·        ECP work-life balance resources

ECP workshop #2 (from last year’s ACT):

Documenting Your Teaching For Awards, Hiring, Promotion, And Tenure

·        Workshop slides: Documenting your career.pptx

·        Sample CVs and Teaching Portfolios

·        CV handout.docx

·        Teaching portfolio handout.pdf

·        Supplemental materials worksheet.docx

There were also many excellent asynchronous sessions that were presented by other STP members who are not part of the ECP Committee. These sessions are still relevant to ECPs who want to enhance how they teach psychology. We’ll highlight a few below, but we encourage you to check out the full list on STP’s website! All recordings are available at (recordings available with login; STP membership required).

Asynchronous sessions relevant to ECPs:

·        Developing Collaborative Thinkers: Rethinking How We Define, Teach, and Assess Student Participation In Class

·        Critical Thinking, Reflective Practice, and Metacognition: A SOTL Approach

·        The Holy Grail of Learning: A Guide for Promoting Student Engagement

·        Safety Cues: Signaling Inclusion To Increase Belonging And Engagement

·        Salaries and Job Satisfaction for Psychology Majors

·        Using Popular Technology to Engage Students in Proven Cognitive Techniques

Your STP Early Career Psychologists Committee

Karenna Malavanti, Ph.D.

Albee Mendoza, Ph.D.

Molly Metz, Ph.D.

Janet Peters, Ph.D.

Daniel Storage, Ph.D.

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